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How does the Community Reviews work?

Our biggest strength? Our community of traders! Here you will find real traders’ reviews based on their experiences. To get started, simply select a broker from the dropdown menu along with the type of reviews and TADA!

Latest Community Reviews
I opened an account with Finarix one month ago and i was amazed by their features. i did not even know about trading before i registered but there platform made everything look easy. this platform should be introduced to every beginner and users as it is the most easiest way to generate profits very rapidly trading forex. thumbs up for finarix.
The free training is a very useful bonus I would say. :) Its great to have someone by your side, explaining you the things so you can get ready soon and go for the real deal.
There system freeze too much, i have made looses due to their technical problem and they do not want to make any refund.
Markets.Online will bring you to new heights, trust them, they know what they do, i have been there, trusted them and i dont regret at all.
finarix has still a lot of progress to do a i think that the website is not 100% complete, however i must admit that for an uncomplete broker it is already impressive. the professionalism the support agent who talked to me left me speechless. i am looking forward to see the evolution of this broker
"10K + that they refused to pay and just block my account.. This is what you call a SCAM!!! "
Thank god i manged to take out my money after several trials. I would have lost all of them after trusting them blindly. They dont care you call them, need assistance or whatsoever. So given that you still have time, take out your money, trade, but with a broker that can be trusted.
finarix trading platform is very well designed. all the important information are found on the homepage itself, when i first navigate on the website i was very impressed to see that all the relevant information were displayed on the first page no need to visit various pages for essential information its a nice idea.
Just upgraded my account to have a top notch trader by my sides, till now everything is running on just fine, and am in the money
MarketOnline is a SCAM, terrible experience, made losses. a lot. I would never recommend it to anyone I know. I got taken by the big payouts they seemed to give, but they basically ran off with my money.
the trading platform of Finarix is so dope. its simplicity is incredible the four trading tools offered aree all efficient and not difficult to use at wall. I prefer Finarix as trading seems to be very simple with them compared to the other trading platforms. i feel lost when there is too much information on a website this is why i appreciate the layout of Finarix.
They do not stop asking me to deposit more and more. Its harassing.
They accompany you throughout your trading journey. That's important and very nice.
When they called me upon registering, they way they talk is not always good.
I think that finarix is on the right track to become a leading broker in 2019 ths outperforming the other leading ones. The layout of the trading platform already says it all, this broker is going to surprise us all i think that its future is very promising.
" I had a lot of good profit with this broker, however lately they have become worrying, i have been getting issues at that moment."
50/100. Register at your own risk.
My god! IQ Option will walk the extra mile for you, they are genuine in their approach, i have no problem with them.
Just got started with the broker, great opportunities. Not like those scams out there! If someone is not sure, don’t think twice, but join! Won’t regret it.
Markets.Online is a regulated broker. That is the very thing to look for. On top the customer service is nice.
No big deal. Regulated, good customer support, nice payouts, fast withdrawals, nice bonuses. Not bad as a broker. Should be tried.
Am heart broken, i have invested my retirement fund in Markets.Online thinking that I will double it and be able to be more at ease, the contrary happened, i lost it all, in 5 trades :(
IQ Option, that's a cool broker. Yeah, no big fuss getting things done and I often win when I follow the advice of the expert traders.
Not so sure if Brokerz is worth it. Just started trading with it. Not very impressed. Let's see further.
The feature that caught my attention on finarix was the fact that its trading platform is completely new age. I think that the strength of finarix lies in the fact that its new in the industry, hence it already knows what other brokers did wrong. I think that this broker is a promising one.
My first ever broker and am satisfied. Let hope for the same in the future.
i am really surprised as for once a non regulated broker pay me my money! ha ha i asked for a withdrawal last week and received it 3 days after isnt this amazing? i asked for a withdrawal pretty immediately after having made some profits becaused i feared to be scammed by this broker. however like i said after 3 days i was paid and this encouraged me to continue trading with this broker.
One of the main problem with every broker is withdrawal, you never expect great things from them concerning this. Ubinary does not make any exception. I requested a withdrawal and guess what ?? After several calls to my account manager, I finally received my money after 1 month .. .YES!!! 1 MONTH. Well the good thing is that I receive my money,,
I think that all broker should provide all these educational materials to their traders so that they can enhance their knowledge. Some brokers tend to neglect the importance of a learning section, however finarix did a nice move there as theirs is full of information, however some sections are still empty i think that it will soon come in a few months i think that finarix will become one of the best broker of 2019.
As an experienced trader, the most interessting feature that i find on finarix platform is the financial news they publish everyday. They are always up to date and carry bunch of trading opportunities. Hats off for such accuracy.
RED flag. Brokerz SCAMMED ME!!!
I am just desperate can't contact them for any withdrawal have gone through all the channels , called , livechat and email its being 1 week still no answers , they usually take a lot of time to contact me .. but never they never took that much time
I reccomend trading with Markets.Online.
24option is a great broker the best i would say….before open an account read carefully all terms and conditions and especially the bonus terms and conditions…they are 100% legit and honest…i am absolutely satisfied with them…
Opened an account about two weeks ago and deposited about $200. I now have over $2000 in my account, and still growing! This site is awesome, has the tools you need, and pay on time! Very satisfied so far indeed!
I’ve been dealing with 24 options for the las 4 months. I could say I had a good experience with them. besides I have an account manager who gives me tips on managing my account, and tips on how to enhance my acc. very happy 10/10. recommended.
their trading platform is so fast ! it does not take more than 5 minutes to load its awesome to trade with so much fluidity. i hope that they launched their mobile app so that i dont have to stay on my laptop like this.
Stay away from this Broker, can't you see it's a scam!All my money went into vain. They are not reliable whn you try to reach them through support! Ah support, my foot! no reply, alwasy off! And on top of all, they will keep telling you that you will get ur money bak wen u wana withdraw, but you wont!
I started trading in 2010, and i have deal with a few brokers during my whole trading journey. I started to feel fed up as every broker i trade with propose the same thing, some even stole my money. But trading is my passion so i continued to change broker and to explore the other ones of the industry. I must confess that finarix unlike the other brokers i've know managed to trigger my curiosity, i thought that i've seen everything in this industry. Its nice to see that i can still be surprise.
they are always polite to answer your question before you deposit!

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