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How does the Community Reviews work?

Our biggest strength? Our community of traders! Here you will find real traders’ reviews based on their experiences. To get started, simply select a broker from the dropdown menu along with the type of reviews and TADA!

Latest Community Reviews
I had no clue about forex trading but really at they helped me a lot, I trust them a lot.
Being what we call a veteran of trading, i was not convince by Finarix at first. But as they are new and did not have much bad reviews i decided to give it a shot. Compared to certain brokers i've dealt with Finarix is one of the most responsive and professional. Its always a pleasure to have them on the phone, they are always polite and this quality is missing with other brokers.
This, IQ Option broker, not such a good broker . I have problem taking out my profits. They make a lot excuses to me.
Not highly reccmended.
they are always polite to answer your question before you deposit!
My god! IQ Option will walk the extra mile for you, they are genuine in their approach, i have no problem with them.
I didnt like the fact that the agent was rude but i eventually managed to get what i was looking for
Markets.Online is the best choice of broker that I have ever made, the platform just beats everyone else on the market
I did not yet have any big issue with IQ Option. My trading goes on well.
I have been at money brokers, lost a lot of money as well, but IQ Option made me gain trust again, i am able to readily trade and get money from it.
as a beginner i can state how much finarix helped me to strengthen my trading skills. I lost a few trades but i guess this is a normal thing i cannot win all the times. i am pretty happy with the features aswell.
Markets.Online is a broker I have been trading with since long. All's fine since then. Of course there are minor issues cropping up at times. But that does not overshadow their proficiency and it's safe to trade with.
Incredible payouts out there. I made a lot with them last week.
I appreciate and look forward to the market updates they send daily. I base most of my trades on them. I would reccomend their trading accademy also.
i was encouraged by my father who is a full time trader, to trade with IQ Option, he was right, as always! IQ Option rocks!!
Finarix helped me to get rich!!! BEST BROKER EVER!
I am just desperate can't contact them for any withdrawal have gone through all the channels , called , livechat and email its being 1 week still no answers , they usually take a lot of time to contact me .. but never they never took that much time
The best payout from one of the finest brokers, top of that you get the support you deserve from them..
I tried to chat with thei agent. Was not even able to send my messages . They notified me that all the agentswere taken up with other clients and to wait. Highly unproffesional.
Trading with 24Option with over 2 years now, I can say that there are issues which needs to be addressed/ I conducted a research which in which I found descreptencies in their trends.
I think that the success center of Finarix badly needs some adjustments and improvements. It's like promising a lot of interessting and important information and is not delivering what has been promised. I was very disappointed with their educative corner nothing transcendent in there.
At first i was kinda lost while wanting to register, log in and get useful info. But then i used live chat and that very helpful lady, Maria, answered to my questions really well and made it all simple to understand. I use chat most of the time for my queries.
You get a payout penality if you open two entry level account ??? Just be careful about it, when you get a call do talk about this with your account manager.. Really don't figure out why they give this crap!!!!
I started to use finarix trading platform and i must say that this application is awesome, i am actually following the news availble from the platform itself. I lost a few trades but the money is still pouring in. For me this feature is very good and smart and i like Finarix and its payouts!
No complaints except about their crappy platform on mobile devices. I travel a lot and its just easy for me to trade on my mobile but now I have to carry a laptop which is not a big deal but still hope they come out witha mobile version or something.
I’ve noticed that they’ve improved their variety of assets. This is good for my trading portfolio.
First of all the website isn't even pleasant to be on. Everytihng is just packed up at one place. You get lost easily there and it can be very irritating.
"Withdrawn a few times with and has been really good, fast withdrawals too usually a day for bank transfer. "
I like 24 Option because of the high trade size limits
Markets.Online is what i saw best till now in forex, they are on top of their business no doubt about this.
Who is the best?? 24option is the best! I can't tell you all how happy am i! I've traded with this broker since 4 months and i've gained $10 000 profits. What do you want more when you've invested only $500 at the start? Thank you 24option
I deposited $20,000 into a Platinum Account at 24Options. The Platinum Account allows you to make 4% more than a regular account. After I profited close to $300 I withdrew my money with no difficulties. They wired it back into my account. I’m happy with 24Options on all levels.
Social trading is must have on trading platform nowadays as the world is evolving at high pace and brokers should be able to surprise traders by bringing new challenges. I think that Finarix must understood that because this is only what is missing but they do propose pretty unique trading features on their website.
I have bad experience also while withdraw with 24 option, they always make many reason, and all decision depend on your account manager
Among the brokers that accept traders who are based in the US, 24option is the best. The investment returns are more rewarding and the low trade size requirement are just some of its pros. The processing time for withdrawals is also impressive!
After 2 years I am still trying to get my deposit back!!!!!!! Where's my money???????
Not satisfied with the payouts.
I work with 24option since from January and i don’t have any problem with deposit/ withdrawal . 24option is really working good .
Thank god i manged to take out my money after several trials. I would have lost all of them after trusting them blindly. They dont care you call them, need assistance or whatsoever. So given that you still have time, take out your money, trade, but with a broker that can be trusted.
24option seems to manipulate the target price, i think and make lose the trade. Many times its happened with me.

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