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Markets.Online Review

Company Details

Broker Name Markets.Online
Website Link
Telephone Number +35 924 372 490
Email Address [email protected]
Fax Address Not Available
Physical Address Suite C, 2nd Floor, Orion Mall, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Regulated by FSA

Customer Service

Customer service hours: 13/5
Livechat Available
Support Team Available


Currencies Available
Indices Available
Stocks Available
Commodities Available
Cryptocurrency Available


Deposit Bonus N/A
Recommend a Friend Bonus Available
Special Event Bonus Not Available
Birthday Bonus Not Available

Special Features

Mobile Application Not Available
Social Trading Not Available
Competitions Not Available
Social Media  

Trading Platform

Platform OS Compatibility Mac OS , Windows , Android
Languages available 1
Streaming news Available
Charts Provider TradingView

Trading Tools

Classic Available
One Touch Available
Short Term Available
Forex Available
Simplex Available

Markets.Online is a regulated broker that was founded in 2017. It is operated by HF & Co. Ltd, a company that is authorised and regulated as Securities Dealer by the FSA; license number SD0222. The broker is also operated by Bankxi Ltd, company number 203875863. Its permanent location is situated in Bulgaria and the broker uses this entity for payment services in Europe.

In the short time it has been operating in this industry, the broker has gained a lot of popularity and managed to gather an impressive number of users, with over 10,000 active users.

The website as a whole is well designed, with all the important sections very conveniently placed. Moreover, the different features of the website are easily accessible. Information is appropriately regrouped in the same place, making them easily accessible, which will without a doubt enhance the overall trading experience of all users.

Traders will feel comfortable and safe knowing that the broker uses several security measures to make sure traders have a safe trading experience. It is Comodo SSL, SSL Trust and TRUSTe certified, uses Norton and McAfee as security and iDeal to ensure all monetary transactions done on the website is fully secured.

Markets.Online Protocol

A decent list of assets is offered by Markets.Online to trade in all the major financial markets. Traders can trade stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and currencies. Stocks of major companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Disney and Coca Cola to name a few are available. On the futures market, traders can also trade all the major indices such as the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P. All the major currency pairs, as well as a decent list of minor and exotic pairs are also available. The main cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum can be traded as well as Gold, Silver, Crude oil and Natural Gas on the commodities market. Their complete list of assets can be found here:

Markets.Online Account Types

Markets.Online offers three different account types, tailored to the needs and requirements of all types of traders, from the most experienced ones to the newbies.

The Starter Account is ideal for beginners, while the most popular account according to the website is the Average Account which requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. Their Master Account, as its name suggests, is perfect for traders who are very at ease at online trading.

Markets.Online Account Types

All three accounts are available in USD, EUR or GBP. As we can see from the above screenshot, the three accounts have different registering fees, starting from a minimum of $250 for the Starter package to a maximum of $50,000 for the Master account. The same leverage range is offered for all the three accounts, but the spread becomes more competitive for the more advanced accounts. All 3 accounts give the traders access to free customer support, market updates and trading instruments.

Markets.Online Registration Process

The registration process of Markets.Online is very straightforward and quick. Traders only have to fill a simple registration form to provide a few information; Email Address, Full Name, Country of Origin, Date of Birth, and a Contact Number. Traders also have to select their password and base currency during this process. The broker very conveniently gives traders the option to opt out of receiving promotional email about their products, services and special offers as well as market news by SMS.

The account is created once the registration form is duly filled and submitted. Within a few minutes, traders will get a phone call from a representative of the broker, to give them a tour of the website and guide them through the different options and features.The traders only have to fund their account and they will be good to go.

Markets.Online Trading Platform

Two types of trading platforms are offered to traders, namely: Forex and Simplex. Both are web-based platforms and fully responsive; they are accessible on all types of devices, from smartphones to PCs, whether they are on IOS, Android or Windows.

As the name suggests, the Simplex is a simplified trading platform which is perfect for beginners.

Markets.Online Simplex

As you can see on the screenshot above, this platform is not as the trading platforms we usually see. The assets take centre-stage, while many of the features that can distract traders, especially beginners are conveniently hidden. The right tab displays the latest market updates or messages, while the bottom tab displays all the closed and open positions placed by the trader with all the details like open price, invested amount, market price, and returns.

To invest in an asset, traders have to hover on that asset and click on the ‘Invest’ button. This will open a popup as shown in the screenshot below:

Markets.Online Simplex Invest

Opening a position has also been simplified, the process is linear and traders must follow a specific order; from top to bottom:

  • Decide whether they think an asset’s price will go up or down
  • Choose what amount they will invest
  • Set the risk sensitivity, aka, the leverage
  • Set the Take Profit and Stop Loss options
  • Click on the ‘Invest’ button

Every information about the positions they are opening; the trade value, commission and point value are clearly shown on the popup. Hence, traders get all the important information in one place before deciding whether the position is worth opening or not!

Clicking the ‘Chart’ tab on the top right corner of the popup, traders will also get access to the live chart of the asset. All the essential tools, indicators and display options are available on this chart.

Markets.Online Simplex Invest

Hiding these features ensures that new traders are not distracted and can focus on what is most important, placing the trading position they think will be beneficial for them at the right time.

The Forex platform is a more traditional trading platform as you can see below:

Markets.Online Traderoom

The chart, powered by the popular TradingView is prominently featured in the centre, surrounded by a news tab on the right, a tab with all available assets on the left and the transaction log at the bottom. All the various tools, indicators and customisation options are very conveniently located. Moreover, the list of available assets can be customised to suit the requirements of the trader.

This trading platform, while more complex than the Simplex is very easy to master in a few days, especially for online trading enthusiasts. Moreover, it has many information popups to help beginners.

Markets.Online Customer Support

Markets.Online’s customer support is accessible 4:00 - 17:00 GMT from Mondays to Fridays, which is a major disadvantage considering that the broker offers its services across the world and that traders trade at all hours of the day, even during weekends. Moreover, the service is only accessible in English, another major disadvantage.

However, in terms of helpfulness and courtesy, the customer support service of Markets.Online is very effective. The representatives are always polite and do their best to help traders. Moreover, unlike many online brokers, the customer support representatives of Markets.Online are helpful in all issues that traders may encounter, even withdrawal issues; which is very rare.

Our Final Opinion

Despite being a relatively newcomer, Markets.Online has built up a good reputation within the industry and with traders, especially with beginners. Moreover, being a regulated broker, it is accountable to financial regulatory bodies, which gives an added level of security to traders. The overall trading experience with this broker is very pleasant and stress-free, and the customer support is always ready to help traders with any issues they may be having. Moreover, they take reviews of traders into consideration and are always improving their services to ensure the best experience for traders. We recommend Markets.Online to all level of traders, experienced and beginners alike.

Markets Online’s reviews

The educational material provided by Markets.Online is geared towards helping beginners start their trading journey and assisting experienced traders to make the most of the fluctuations in the different financial markets.

The Academy section provided by Markets.Online covers lots of topics in the form of easy to read and understand articles. Moreover, the FAQ page also has a very convenient glossary section that explains terms related to online trading like ‘Spread’, ‘leverage’ ‘PIP’, etc. These articles and glossary are handy to beginners, providing them with all the information they need in one place to start trading.

Markets.Online’s website also has a ‘Market Hub’ section that is divided into ‘Market Today’, ‘Technical Reports’ and ‘Central Bank Rates’. The first 2 provides useful information on the news report that affects the different financial markets, hence providing investment opportunities to traders.

Markets.Online Education

The Central Bank Rates section gives the dates of important events like when the US Federal Reserve, Bank of England or the European Central Bank releases their interest rate decision. This greatly affects the financial markets, once again creating investment opportunities for traders.

Markets.Online Central Bank Rates

This information can be accessed not only by subscribers of Markets.Online but also visitors of the website. Markets.Online also provides weekly live reviews, however, they are only accessible to subscribers, and once they are broadcasted, they are no more accessible on the website. The topics covered are diverse, such as ‘Why the US-China trade war interest traders worldwide.’, ‘Understanding trading psychology’, ‘Introduction to candlesticks patterns’ and ‘Monthly opportunities - NFP data’ amongst others. Maybe it would be redundant to make the monthly opportunities webinars always accessible to traders, but the topics would without a doubt be very helpful if traders would have access to them in a library!

Markets Online’s reviews

Markets.Online offers only two transfer methods for deposit and withdrawal: by wire/bank transfer and debit/credit card and the only currencies they accept are USD, GBP and EUR.

Markets.Online Deposit Markets.Online Withdrawal

This is a disadvantage as other online brokers offer many more options and some even accept deposits and withdrawal in cryptocurrencies and e-wallets.

However, considering that Markets.Online is a regulated broker that has to abide by certain security protocols, it is understandable they only offer these two methods, which are the safest.

Markets.Online has a very rigorous compliance protocol to ensure that the transfers are safe and secure and that they are not processing transactions that can be involved in money laundering. The process involves 5 steps as you can see below:

Markets.Online Compliance

This compliance process must be completed the first time the traders funds their account and every time they withdraw funds from their account. The documents needed are:

Identification document
Either a clear coloured picture of the passport bio page or a clear coloured picture of the front and back of a government issued ID

Proof of address
An official document with the customer’s name, current address and the date of issue. Can be either a clear coloured picture of a gas, electricity or water bill or a clear coloured copy of a bank statement.

Proof of Payment
In case of transfer by debit/credit card; a copy of both sides of the card - sensitive information must be hidden or blurred
In case of transfer by wire/bank transfer; a swift copy/MT103 form

Transaction Authorisation Form (TAF)
This form can be downloaded from the website. It must be printed, signed and submitted via email.

Markets Online’s reviews

Markets.Online has a decent social media exposure, with accounts on Facebook and Twitter. While the Facebook account is regularly updated with the latest market news.

The broker has very few online reviews as well. The few reviews we came across were either very good or very bad! However, to be completely fair, the bad reviews mention features that are not on the website of the broker, hence, we can only conclude that either these are old reviews and the broker took them into consideration to improve their services or that these are biased reviews.

Markets Online’s reviews

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